Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Orange Juice Recipe - How to make Fresh Orange Juice

There is nothing which refreshes you as much as fresh juices. Fresh Orange juice is more satisfying and rich of vitamins and minerals. It is a bit of time taking but tastes much better than the concentrated ones or the store bought juices.

There are somany  benefits of drinking fresh orange juice 1. Orange has some natural sugars the reduces stress. 2. It is essential for blood sugar regulation 3. Rich of minerals , vitamins and magnesium 4. It is useful for anti - aging . WOW so many benefits. So drink it everyday.

There is no hard and fast rule to make Orange juice. We can make it according to our taste.

3 Oranges
1 /4 cup Water (optional)
1 teaspoon Sugar / Honey (optional)

  1. Cut Oranges into halves. Squeeze them. Take the juice into a glass. Add pulp. If you like with pulp and without sugar you can have it like this.
  2. Or after squeezing Orange, strain that into a bowl, add sugar or honey , add water mix it well until it dilutes and then have it.
  3. Easy and healthy Orange juice with in minutes.